I’m David

I live in Stoke-on-Trent, in the U.K, and I studied Politics at Warwick University I’m passionate about social justice and advocacy. Lots of the points I make have been made before, but I’d like to say it again anyway, in my own way. With some pictures to boot

Common Sense is the name of my favourite book. Written by Thomas Paine, it was a small pamphlet composed of some unknown corset makers’ thoughts on monarchy, and his thoughts changed the way we see government, and the world.

This blog is an attempt to make a contribution to the world, in some small way. Say some things, point out some great debates, and in a way showcase my thoughts on the world in an aesthetically appealing light. I’m currently at work in politics and if you like what I say, get in touch.

I’m passionate about social justice, and advocacy for the poor. I hope that through my work I can change the way people seem themselves and their communities.

I also love to find new and exciting things, music, photos, places, books. Hopefully I’ll guide you to some great stuff.

Thanks for visiting. If you’d like to get in contact


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